Hi everyone I’m moving again!!!!

My brand new blog is at this location http://guidescroll.com

10th Nov. ’07
Uhh, google has decided to suddenly drop the page rank of the entire blog so now lyrics are harder to find X[ i wish i knew a reason or a way to remedy this but, mm its really sad… If you know anything about how google indexes stuff and can help, Please Help Me~!!

Blog is now undergoing MajOR restructuring to try and return lyrics to google results, inconveniences are regretted.

Still doesn’t work, trying more stuff =X

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14 Responses to “A Home Page”

  1. kazhee Says:

    request: translation of ikimonogakari’s “akaneiro no yakusoku” (with romanji)…
    thanks in advance!!!

  2. oh awesomeee i didn’t know they released a new single, i’ll work on it right away~~~~

  3. amyksy Says:

    coz the translation for the song i took it from my friend’s website..no idea it was taken from urs..sorry

  4. hi, don’t worry about it =]
    it would be nice if you could put a link leading back here~

  5. Cloud_Honey Says:

    hello blackrabbit! Your blog is kinda excelent, I love it. Can you provide me “alan – Ashita e no Sanka” and “Satomi Takasugi – Yukiboshi / Soshite Boku wa Tohou ni Kureru” translations and kanji’s please?

    Thank you very much!

  6. i’ll look into it =D
    your blog is really excellent too~~

    the alan translation is done~ =]

  7. Cloud_Honey Says:


    Thank you very much. I can’t wait for the other translations lol. And thanks about the site.

  8. Cloud_Honey Says:

    hey sorry for being stupid but could you make translations of Together When… by ayu? I love this song a lot.

    Thank you a lot. You’re saving my life LMAO

  9. wow really? i’ve never really saved anybody before lol. thanks for visiting i’ll get your translation done sometime =]

  10. Cloud_Honey Says:

    Do you have msn? Thank you very much for helping <3

  11. Paranoia Says:


    i like your translations too! same as above
    are you using instant msging programs?

  12. Doxzen Says:

    Blackrabbit help us!!! the blogspot with all of the Settlers Online guides that you wrote is down… Those guides are the best man, is there any way to access them?


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Also looking for your guides. was looking for all the build guides for Path of Exile. Can host a blog for you, if you need a new location and have them archived.

    contact me at dragonsbait via gmail

  14. hey guys i’ve managed to get my blog back up here! http://guidescroll.com sorry for the long wait!

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